Hercules Beefcake hurts himself (again)

There are not that many things that make me want to double over and vomit, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the worst the internet has to offer. But one thing that really, really makes me queasy is the thought of pulling off a fucking toenail. Jesus wept.

Hercules Beefcake is forever hurting himself (example here). True to form, he did it again a few weeks ago -- apparently kicking something so hard that his toenail, after bending backwards, 'died.' I'm not sure I understand the science here, but it's enough to make me ingest my own testicles. But it gets worse; as he pulled off his sock the other day it snagged and ripped most of it out. Here, in an awful effort to boost this site's stats, is the video.

Has this shit gone viral yet? Why do my videos never go viral?