Watch the skies

Hello doinks. If you are familiar with some of our Zezaurian theories, you will be aware that all of the emotional turmoil in the universe is caused by an evil cosmic eagle that stalks the skies in search of feeble minded morons such as myself to torment and cause untold misery. I have explained this theory to many of my friends, colleagues and just about anyone else who will listen but my wisdom invariably falls on deaf ears.

Well, now I have proof. My good friend Professor Peelhead who is currently seeking his fortune in China stumbled upon the sadistic bastard while out metal detecting, and managed to get this amazing shot of a guy who was blubbering because his boyfriend dumped him or something. Now I have irrefutable evidence that my theory is correct, I shall wait eagerly for those Nobel prize bozos to get in touch. So long, rat race!

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