Total stranger laughs at disabled people

A total stranger has been reduced to hysterical tears after learning that Zezaurian Society members have decided to 'get into training' up to three weeks in advance of the 60 mile trip to Brighton on bicycle. So who made you fucking super thighs? 60 miles is really far. I'm a total doink; it's a daily struggle to get out of bed every morning, never mind cycling for six hours straight after getting out of bed. And my lungs are shagged. And by 'training' what we really meant was we're quitting smoking and drinking for three weeks. It's not like we've been down the gym pumping iron and drinking banana smoothies or anything.

The Zezaurian Cycle Club is riding to Brighton on Saturday 13th September, leaving London at some point early in the morning. Email for details. You oinly neoid a boike to join.

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